Peter Henderson PH01 Bagpipes


Peter Henderson is a brand manufactured by R.G. Hardie & Co. of Glasgow. PH01 features Engraved nickel ring caps, ferrules, slides and mouthpiece slide, Imitation Ivory projecting mounts, hemp retainers and ring cap bushes.

Peter Henderson of Glasgow are one of the most famous bagpipe maker's in the world. They have been making superb instruments since the late 1800s and are played by many top solo pipers and grade one band players. Countless prizes have been won with the Henderson drones. Today Henderson’s are making pipes whose steadiness and tonal quality rival even the best vintage pipes in which they established their name. Henderson use a mix of old and new techniques, combining the accuracy of modern machinery with tradition methods and skills. Each set comes with it’s own unique number engraved on the bass stock and a 5 year manufacturer’s guarantee.

This particular bagpipe has Engraved nickel ring caps, ferrules, slides and mouthpiece slide, Imitation Ivory projecting mounts, hemp retainers and ring cap bushes.
The Engraved nickel designs available are Thistle, Celtic, Zoomorphic and Victorian.
All our Bagpipes come fully assembled, ready to play as set by The Bagpipe Shop staff. Our prices include Bannatyne non Zipper pipe bag, Drone reeds, bag cover and cords and water trap. Other bags, drone reeds and moisture control systems may incur an additional cost.
Please contact us for further information. Our staff are more than happy to help you work your way through purchasing any of our pipes. 


Select your Approved Cites Permit
Select your Bag
Bannatyne Synthetic Non Zipper
Bannatyne Synthetic Zipper + £50
Canmore Zipper + £50
Bannatyne Hide + £75
Ross Bag + £180
Select your Bag Size
Extended S
Willie McCallum Custom
Select your Blowpipe Length
7 inches
8 inches
9 inches
10 inches
11 inches
12 inch
Select your Chanter
Peter Henderson Plastic
Peter Henderson Wooden + £120
Select your Chanter Sole Option
Plain Chanter No Sole
Imitation Ivory Sole + £30
Plain Nickel Sole + £50
Engraved Nickel Sole + £70
Plain Silver Sole + £200
Machine Engraved Silver Sole + £250
Hand Engraved Silver Sole + £400
Select your Drone Reeds
Henderson Harmonic Deluxe
MG Standard
Canning Carbon Bass - Set + £30
Canning Inverted Poly bass - Set + £40
Canning Poly Bass - Set + £30
MG Carbon Fibre - Set + £30
Select your Engraving
Select your Moisture Control
Bannatyne Tube and Bottle
Bannatyne Canister System + £35
Achiltibuie Chanter System + £20
Achiltibuie Drone System + £30
Ross Canister System + £55
Select your Pipe Case
No Pipe Case Needed
Pipe Tech Premium + £72
R.G. Hardie - Piper + £75
Bagpiper backpack trolley + £75
Bagpiper Original - Black + £80
Bagpiper Original - Red + £85
R.G. Hardie - Flight + £120
Bagpiper - Flight + £140
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Bag Size:
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Chanter Sole Option:
Drone Reeds:
Moisture Control:
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Total: £1,080.00
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