X-TREME Drone Reeds - Standard

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X-TREME Standard drone reeds

Detail description for X-TREME Drone Reeds - Standard

X-TREME Standard drone reeds are precision engineered to exacting standards and the design profiles a carbon fibre tongue which will give you a tailored, stable and rich tone.

Product features;

Specifically designed tuning screw with a finer pitch thread to ensure an airtight seal without the need for additional tape etc. This also allows for a great degree of precision when setting the pitch.

Carbon Fibre tongue which provides a robust, stable and rich, full sound.

Engineered and manufactured to a high level of precision to ensure good air efficiency.


These reeds are better suited to dryer blowers who play sheepskin bags or synthetic bags without a moisture control system. For more moisture resistance please see the Premium model.


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  • X-TREME Drone Reeds - Standard
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X-TREME Drone Reeds - Standard
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