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Product Code: CD050012


Finlay MacDonald, Simon McKerrell, Chris Gibb

Catalogue No. SKYECD 31

Some of the great pipe tunes of Scotland, played by the most talented young pipers around. Add to this the grace and skill of the band and you have Highland Games, the most fun piping album around.

1. The Cockney Jocks/The Battle of Waterloo/Flett From Flotta (5:02)

2. The Grinder/The Bobs of Balmoral/The Kitchen Maid (3:15)

3. Arthur Bignold of Lochrosque/Susan MacLeod/Mrs MacPherson of Inveran (5:39)

4. Hector the Hero (5:05)

5. Traditional Reel/Kalabakan/The Famous Bridge (3:13)

6. The Coppermill/Greenwood Side/The Siege of Delhi (4:53)

7. Lucy Cassidy (3:04)

8. Lament for Donald Doughal MacKay (5:12)

9. The Battle of the Somme/Donald MacLean of Lewis (5:05)

10. Malcolm the Taylor/Kale and Porridge/Mrs MacLeod of Raasay (3:00)

11. Lochanside (3:40)


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