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Journey, by Gordon Shand is a book that contains 44 original compositions scored for the Bagpipes and other melody instruments.

This collection contains a collection of Marches, Reels, Jigs, Slow Airs and more!

“Right from the first 2 tunes (Ally Mac, and Big Ally of Tobermory), you would be hard pressed to find 2 better 2/4 marches in any modern day collection, beautiful melodic pieces, both very contrasting in terms of the thematic feel of the tune and both written with that swing that you can only get from an accordion. Pure class!”
Pipe Major Alen Tully ( St Laurence O’Toole Pipe Band, Dublin)

“ I really love this book of original tunes by Gordon Shand, an accordion player having his tunes graced for the bagpipes. Gordon’s tunes fit perfectly on the pipes and for me the stand outs are the 2/4 marches. Just great!”
Ross Ainslie (Piper and Traditional Musician)

“An exciting new collection of pipe music with great melodic lines, bringing a real flavour of the accordion to the chanter. Packed with some true gems, this collection is a must have for any piper’s arsenal.”
Pipe Major Ben Duncan (Royal Scots Dragoon Guards)


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