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A Piper's Tale - Fergus Muirhead

A Piper’s Tale is a great new book, published in August this year by Cargo Publishing. It is full of fascinating and entertaining stories from some of the world’s greatest pipers. Pipers from all over the world, and from every genre of the music, discuss the issues of the day.

Why was Finlay MacDonald told he had no chance of passing his music exams?

Why did Willie McCallum start to play, who taught Murray Henderson and how did Roddy MacLeod manage the greatest pipers in the world in Spirit of Scotland Pipe Band?

What did Gordon Walker say to the Queen and did he really sleep with the Crown Jewels?

Where did Stuart Cassells get the idea for the Red Hot Chilli Pipers and does Ian Duncan think that pipe band pitch is getting too high?

Will Jack Lee become a judge when he stops competing and how did Bob Worrall get a job with the BBC?

Why do they all play the way they do and what do they think of the world of piping and where it’s going?

One not to be missed!

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