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Piping Live! Eco-Cups

Have you very own Piping Live! party in your Hot Tub, garden or wherever with these excellent unbreakable Eco-Cups.

Treat your cold drinks to the Piping Live! treatment with our eco-cups. From the Street Cafe to your home, while you listen to the best piping from your own home, you can have a taste of the festival at home.
Get your Piping Live! online tickets now over at www.pipinglive.co.uk


Please mention in your comments which Eco-Cups you would like.

There are different here are branded 1 pint sized options:

  • Drumming on Demand
  • McCallum Bagpipes
  • G1 Reeds
  • RG Hardie Bagpipes
  • Wallace Bagpipes
  • MG Reeds

There is  NPC branded 1/2 pint sized option:

  • National Piping Centre

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