The CLASP In Conversation With.... Stephanie Burns

The National Piping Centre

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The CLASP In Conversation With.... Stephanie Burns

Date / Time: Saturday 1st May, 7pm UK time

As musicians mature in their playing abilities and begin to perform, many will maintain a genuine desire to continuously improve their playing skills. But over time it seems their practice no longer leads to the changes they are striving for. Many players have simply never been taught to practice in a way that causes fundamental changes in the skills related to higher quality playing.

As an existing player, you will have nutted out a method for memorising music. For some, this skill seems easier than for others. Simply because some players have been taught, or stumbled upon, a more efficient strategy, even if they cannot articulate that strategy. In this presentation we’ll explore the strategies that most efficiently lead to memorising tunes. And, doing so in a way that is not only fast, but creates confidence, knowing you KNOW the tune.

This event is open to CLASP members only

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