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ES Session Chanter EVOLUTION - Now In Stock!

Hard Anodised Aluminium, finished in Space Grey/Gold and available with three stems which enables the musician to play in either A, B Flat and now C.

The hard anodisation process makes the chanter extremely durable and resistant to oxidisation.The stems are interchangeable and it really is "Plug & Play".This gives it much more flexibility, as it can be played whilst jamming with other musicians in A or at pipe band practice in B Flat.

The new C stem has been anodised in gold and is instantly recognisable. This new stem adds even more versatility and has a punchy, sharp, voluminous sound. There may be a slight learning curve due to the close positioning of the holes, but once mastered it will be hard to put down. A modified chanter appearance means it is now a sleeker, more streamlined instrument.

An all round chanter that is hard wearing and will continue to look stunning for years to come.

The reed seat and the reeds have been upgraded and now use O-Rings instead of hemp, this provides an airtight seal and reduces moisture retention.After years of development and listening to constructive criticism from colleagues and owners of the previous versions,we are very proud to have developed the ESSC EVOLUTION


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