Bagpipe Maintenance Service

Whether your pipes need a full service or just a once over, trust our experts to take care of it for you!

We offer an in-house maintenance service from just £30 p/hr. Our maintenance service includes:

•    Full Inspection of your instrument for cracks, damage and abnormalities
•    Oiling of drones and stocks to avoid cracking of wood
•    Polishing of silver and other metalwork.
•    Tie in/fit of new synthetic and skin pipe bags, before ensuring your new bag is completely airtight
•    Install all types of moisture control systems
•    Fit new bag covers and drone cords
•    Set up and test drone reeds, chanter reeds and tune your chanters to guarantee an exceptional sound is achieved

Most bagpipe maintenance sessions last at most 3 hours. If your pipes require any service that would exceed this, we will contact you in advance to make you aware of the restoration cost.

Before your service we will ask you to confirm any parts you would like us to replace. If during your service we find that there is additional replacement parts required we will always get your approval to proceed before continuing. Please note that if at any point you choose not approve any replacement parts or wish to halt the service altogether you will be liable for any parts consumed and works already undertaken.

Once we take receipt of your pipes they will be stored in a securely locked space while they are in our care being refurbished.

Please note you will need a form of photo identification when collecting your pipes after a refurbishment service.

In the event that an instrument has not been collected and paid for within 90 days of completion we reserve the right to sell the instrument to recover the amount due.

If you would like to find out how we can help you, call us on 0141 353 0220 or email us: