Bagpipes: A National Collection of a National Instrument - Dr Hugh Cheape

National Museum of Scotland

Product Code: BK000093

This book, by Dr Hugh Cheape, explores the history of bagpipes as represented by the collection in National Museums Scotland. From modest beginnings, the collection is now of international significance and numbers over 1800 items.

The book offers an account of the musicology of the bagpipe in its European context, including the remarkable influence of the Baroque on Scotland's musical traditions. The record is meager for the evolution of the bagpipe in Scotland and perceptions of the 'national instrument' have depended on a stereotype Great Highland Bagpipe assumed to have a continuous history from a distant past.

The evidence, as it goes, suggests that Scotland adopted a 'great pipe' from the European bagpipe tradition and made it, through the strength of the Gaelic language and its music, very much it's own. 

Dr Hugh Cheape has published many articles and books on both Scottish History and Piping.


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