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Product Code: CHMIS001

The STAINLESS ESSC is manufactured from both Aluminium and Stainless Steel  components.

The Stems & Top Section are Nickel Plated Aluminium.

The Top Section features a Stainless Steel sleeve and Black Acetal mouthpiece.

 The Threaded End Caps on each Stem, the Reed Seat and the Bottom Section are all Stainless Steel.

The newly designed Bottom Section features the groundbreaking Pitch Ring, for infinite adjustments to achieve the perfect low G, whichever stem is used.

Finished in Nickel Plated Aluminium & Stainless Steel, it comes with two stems which enables the musician to play in either A or B♭.

The Nickel Plating process combined with the Stainless Steel Threads, makes the chanter extremely durable and virtually maintenance free.

The Chanter will be sent to you, ready to play, in a Carbon Black Carry Case with the ESSC logo embossed on the lid.

Inside you will find Die Cut Foam to perfectly hold and protect your Chanter, along with 3 reed protectors and a cleaning cloth.

Please note: Delivery time is subject to availability.


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