Fred Morrison Outlands Collection


Product Code: BK000063

Fred Morrison is from Glasgow, it’s the celebrated Gaelic piping tradition of his father’s native South Uist, that forms the bedrock of his intensely expressive, uniquely adventurous style. 

Containing each of the tunes on the Outlands album.  Many of the variations have been scored, as played by Fred, and there are some Highland pipe arrangements also.


  • Dannsa Rathaidh : Strathspey
  • Dannsa Rathaidh : Reel
  • Train Journey North : Hornpipe
  • Gabriella’s Jig : Jig
  • The Little River : Reel
  • The Wildcat : Reel
  • The Wildcat : Reel (Bagpipe Version)
  • Leaving Uist : Waltz
  • The Lochaber Badger : Reel
  • Seonaidh’s Tune : Strathspey
  • Calum Campbell of Benbecula : Strathspey
  • Steve Byrne’s Jig : Jig
  • Nameless : Slow Air
  • Nameless : Slow Air (Bagpipe Version)
  • Outlands : Hornpipe
  • The Leafy Lane : Reel
  • Downtown : Reel
  • Kansas City Hornpipe : Hornpipe
  • Kansas City Hornpipe : Hornpipe (Bagpipe Version)
  • Jarlath’s : Hornpipe
  • Matheu Watson’s : Reel
  • Drumcross : Reel
  • The Morrisons of Gerinish : Reel
  • The Hard Drive : Hornpipe
  • The Hard Drive : Reel

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