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Product Code: BK000106

A bagpipe collection of original tunes and arrangements composed and sourced by Richard Jasper.

Richard has enjoyed a piping career of over 30 years with both Bands and as a solo performer.

This collection includes 60 original tunes (including some 'Harmonies' and tune 'Bridges') by Richard.

Along with 14 original tunes by contributing composers... Richard Chew (Arr: Robert Mathieson), Anton Doherty, Tony Doherty, Steve Duffy, Roger Huth, Larry Fortson, Jim Gray, Linden 'Dixie' Ingram, Graham Waller, Steve White and Andrew Wilson...

10 rearranged 'Trad' tunes...

5 Selected original Drum Scores (By Mark McLaughlan).

Includes: Tune Notes, Photo's, Pipe Majors Thoughts, A song Lyric + more...

Signed by composer Richard Jasper.


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