Kelt Drone Reeds - Full Set

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Product Code: R01004

Vibrant long tongue Reeds with the Quality Natural Sound of Cane Reeds!
All Drone Reeds are played and tested before dispatch to ensure the best possible Quality!

How to set up your reed

  • Reed Set-up

Prior to dispatch, all reeds are set up, tested, and played by Mark Faloon.


  • Strength

Moving the rubber bridles towards the top of the reed will increase the volume and the amount of air that the reed uses. Moving the bridle towards the bottom of the reed will refine the reed and reduce the amount of air that it will use.


  • Pitch

You will find a tuning screw inside the reed; turning this clockwise will flatten the pitch of the reed. Turning the screw anti-clockwise will sharpen the pitch.

The reeds are tested at a pitch of 484 Hz.


  • Maintenance

It is recommended that regular checks are carried out to ensure no foreign bodies are present under or around the tongue of the reeds.

It is also recommended to replace the o ring bridles once every twelve months to guarantee consistent tension on the tongues.


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