Fred Morrison Small Pipes - MB/SPA1


Product Code: MBSPA1

Fred Morrison Scottish Smallpipes are a beautifully crafted precision musical

instrument with great sound quality. Smallpipes have a softer, mellower
and sweeter sound than the Highland pipes, making them ideal for playing
at home or in a group setting where volume might be an issue. The fingering technique is the same as the Highland pipes and they are increasingly
popular with Highland pipers who wish to enrich their piping experience
by trying something new.

Mouth Blown Scottish Smallpipes available in the key of A or D.
With plain ferrules, imitation ivory drone tops and imitation ivory chanter sole.

This set does not have a drone switch to start and stop the drones.
Every set comes complete with:
Synthetic pipe bag;

  • velvet bag cover with velcro seal;
  • synthetic drone reeds
  • cane chanter reed;
  • a 5 year, no quibble guarantee.

Fred Morrison Smallpipes are available in the keys of A or D.
The key of A set is pictured on these pages.

Apart from the key note, the main difference between the A and D sets is the physical size of the chanter and the quality of sound. The key of A chanter is approximately the same size as a Highland pipe chanter, but the key of D chanter is much smaller and it will take most pipers time to adjust to the smaller size and spacing of the holes.



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