Naill DN3A Bagpipes


Product Code: BGDN0007

The DN3A model is elegant in full imitation ivory and nickel tuning slides.

This fully-mounted imitation ivory set has a classic, traditional look.
The nickel tuning slides add for an extra level of elegance and subtly, while limiting the amount of metal polishing.


  • African Blackwood fully combed/beaded
  • Imitation ivory ferrules
  • Imitation ivory ring caps
  • Nickel tuning slides
  • Imitation ivory projecting mounts
  • Plus a Naill plastic pipe chanter.

This model is available in Standard and Aged imitation ivory.
Standard has a brighter, whiter hue adding distinction and beauty.
Aged has a darker, warmer hue giving the impression of time-honored and traditional.

N.B. - All bagpipes are made to order, there is an 8-10 week delivery time-frame from our supplier.

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