NPC Complete Starter Pack

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The  National Piping Centre Starter pack has everything needed for a learner to begin their Bagpipe career!

Included in the pack:

  • NPC Complete Highland Bagpipe Tutor Book
  • Junior/Standard/Long Plastic Practice Chanter. (Select chanter from drop down menu)
  • 1 practice chanter reed 

The Highland Tutor Book was compiled using the experience of staff at the National Piping Centre, the NPC tutor book introduces music theory and basic repertoire of 'light music.' The tutor book is suited for all ages, and covers everything needed in order to play the music of the Great Highland Bagpipe.

The book is formatted in an easy to follow, step by step structure; each chapter introduces new elements of bagpipe music, the theory and technicalities and then in how to play in a practical concept.  

Note: The video exercise clips can now be found online at The National Piping Centre website at:

Got an apple device? Find out more about purchasing our TNPC Tutor Book from the app store here. You will still need to purchase a practice chanter separately.

"The Piping Centre's tutor is absolutely superb; it is extremely well done -- clear directions, good exercises, good beginner tunes, everything demonstrated on video on the CD, and excellent layout." - Jim McGillivray


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