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PIPE SUITES by John Dew is John's latest composition release. This brand-new collection, released in 2023, contains 11 suites of music for multiple bagpipes:


1. The Fever Suite

2. The Red Kite

3. Sunday Afternoon in Rattray

4. Pipeline

5. The Town of Venasque

6. Organum

7. Mackerel Sky

8. Cave D'Unang

9. The Co-Ordinator

10. The Sesh Chest Reels

11. Harp Strings


Several of these suites appear in my E.P. The High Bridge Walk and album Mackerel Sky. The music is sold on a USB stick which contain the digital book in full, PDFs of individual parts and a demo track of each suite performed by John, so you can hear each piece in its entirety.


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