R. G. Hardie Blackwood Infinity Pipe Chanter


Product Code: CHRGH003

Designed by double gold medalists and world champion pipers, Callum Beaumont and Alastair Dunn.

This chanter features smaller finger holes in comparison to our multi-prize winning Peter Henderson Blackwood Pipe Chanter and plays at a slightly higher pitch. It has been extensively tested in a synthetic and leather pipe bag set-up with a range of reeds and produces a rich, resonant bright sound with a solid Hi G for light music and piobaireachd playing.

This chanter builds on the success of the Peter Henderson Blackwood chanter and combined with Callum’s feedback and experience playing at the highest level of solo piping competition, we have designed a chanter for all abilities wishing to achieve a world class sound. The holes are carefully sanded to give the feel of a vintage chanter before undergoing a rigorous polishing process.

The chanter produces a rich resonant tone that will provide superb harmonics with any set of drones. It provides optimum sound when pitched in the range 480hz to 484hz.


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