The Beginner Years - Learning to play a Musical Instrument

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This is the third book in a series from Stephanie Burns Ph.D. It prepares you to survive the early years of learning a musical instrument and how to be an excellent beginner student.

Playing a musical instrument is one of those amazing experiences to give yourself. Teaching your brain to move your hands, fingers and body in a way that creates beautiful musical sound, is simply mind-altering. Add to that, playing a musical instrument is good for so many things: mental health, social connection, concentration, solving problems, brain building and experiencing moments of joy in a day.

To achieve the goal of learning to play, requires navigating the mine-field of mental hurdles that are found during the earliest days, those days when you are a beginner, or returning to play after many years. Unfortunately, the vast majority of adults who enter the ‘beginning’ phase will quit before it’s over. For no good reason what so ever.

No one today, not you, me or any teacher can say what is possible for you to achieve. How far you will go with your music playing skills is determined by the effort you put in and the quality of those efforts.


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